Wakamono | Chicago

Service: Our first time here I think every single girl working waited on us collectively. Not necessarily bad, just confusing. During this particular visit they all sat down together at a table for a feast. I get the perception that they just… don’t care. When someone happens to notice that you need another drink or the check is when you get another drink or the check.

Booze: They have a full bar and the speciality cocktails are wonderful. We’ve tried them all. Also BYOB.


Edamame | with sesame and sea salt $ 5

Dragon Roll | shrimp tempura, spicy mayo, cream cheese wrapped with avocado, freshwater eel, unagi sauce, masago $ 12

Yo La Mango | mango wrapped salmon, grilled asparagus, tamago, cucumber, tempura crumbs, spicy mayo, shichimi pepper flakes $ 14

Yo la mango: pretty decent. Dragon: pretty spectacular. The end.

Kudos: Sweet surf rock music and a fish pond.

Overall: They don’t open until 4PM, which is rather lame in my opinion… on weekends especially. But. It’s a couple blocks down from where I stay when I’m in Chicago. The minimalistic atmosphere is chill, the food is right, and did I mention surf rock!? No brainer.

3317 N Broadway St
Chicago, IL 60657

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