Taste of Europe

Atmosphere: The dining area is very bare bones. My camera was not as well-recieved as usual, so I tried to be respectful and limit the photographs.

Service: Excellent and personal. The owners are so charming and genuine, and I knew right away we were in for a great meal. Upon arrival, we were given samples of wonderful house-made sausages and cheese, and a run down of the menu. (with a heavy accent) “You know… whatever you get, is good for you.”

Booze: None, but they have a variety of European sodas and juices as well as bottled Coke products.


Miniature Pierogis | with chicken and horseradish beet puree $ 11.99

Hungarian Paprikash  | stew of meats, onions, tomatoes, peppers and paprika $ 9.99

Taste of Europe is a market and deli located in a small building just on the edge of the industrial park at 96th and Michigan Rd. They offer authentic German, Hungarian and Polish dishes such as goulash and bratwursts and sauerkraut.

I honestly had no clue what to order so I played it pretty safe; I’m not as familiar with Eastern European food as I should be, with my German heritage and love for food. After I ordered the pierogis, I was able to choose from several kinds: cheese, meat, kraut, cabbage, vegetable, chicken, etc. and chicken sounded as good as any, but was only available in the miniature size. Simply prepared, they were served with a beet and horseradish sauce that I surprisingly enjoyed despite my detest toward beets. The paprikash was excellent and very appropriate for the chilly weather. Never had it before, but I’ll definitely have it again.

Kudos: The market, offering everything from preserves to polenta and chocolates to cheeses from all over Europe. They also make their own sausages and cater roasted lamb, pig, goat and veal— either whole or by the pound.

Overall: I’m so glad I discovered this off-the-beaten-path European eatery. Jay bought a hunk of cheese and their spicy sausage and already proclaimed, “we’ll probably go back later this week. I could become a regular there.”

4320 W 96th Street
Indianapolis, IN 46032

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