Tango Sur | Chicago

Service: Wonderful, but we arrived well before the insane dinner rush and the food delivery seemed a little slow for sausages and medium rare steaks.

Booze: BYOB.


Provoleta | argentine provolone cheese cooked on the grill with olive oil and roasted peppers $ 12

Para Dos | grilled short ribs, flap meat, sausage, beef sweetbread and black sausage $ 36

El Filet | filet mignon topped with a red onion wine sauce and served with spinach mashed potatoes $ 24

First of all, CHEEEEEEESE. Oily, hot, gooey, salty, burnt cheese. Secondly, I discovered a few things at this meat-lovers paradise: I do not like blood sausage, cow balls are fucking delicious, and I need more chimichurri in my life. The short ribs and filet were to also die for. The flap steak was different. Gamey. And chewy.

Kudos: Range-grown meat and huge portions.

Overall: Yes, yes, and yesssss. So reasonably priced for the portion size, quality and flavor.

3763 N Southport Ave
Chicago, IL 60613

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