SoBro Café

Service: Food delivery was a little on the slow side, but our server was adorable, and friendly and attentive.

Booze: Wine and local craft beers.


Side Salads | green leaf lettuce, celery, carrots, and red peppers 

Corn Fritters | golden medallions with spicy black bean dip and Mexican sour cream $ 4.50 

Bar-B-Q Lentils | roasted lentil stew over mashed potatoes or brown rice $ 10.95 

Peanut Sauce Temptation | tempeh and vegetables stir-fried with coconut peanut sauce, served over brown rice $ 11.95

Vegan Cake | chocolate with raspberry ‘butter’creme icing $ 5.95

Crunchy corn fritters and a simple, crisp refreshing salad—with phenomenal homemade buttermilk basil dressing—gave a good first impression. The BBQ lentils arrived differently than we expected, and although they had really nice flavor, overall the dish was dry. However, the fresh asparagus was cooked beautifully. Same goes for the brown rice on both plates. With sweet and creamy coconut peanut sauce and a generous amount of broccoli and mushrooms, the stir fry took the title for favorite. Healthy, hearty meals like that make me seriously believe I could be vegetarian again; I love tempeh. And vegetables. And Rice. And… sauce. Of course boxing up half my entrée due to complete satisfaction didn’t stop the sampling of some vegan chocolate cake. Unfortunately they had just run out of orange-avocado… which sounds delicious and right up my alley… so we went with chocolate raspberry. Not the best I’ve had due to a slight bitter aftertaste, but pretty good nevertheless.

Kudos: Healthy food made from scratch (excluding the bread and sweet potato fries.) I took my herbivorian lady friend here just because she could choose from 70% of the menu. Happy camper dinner date! Also, on display is the work of Indianapolis artists for sale so they receive points for supporting the local scene full circle with food, beer and art.

Overall: I really enjoyed the laid-back feel of SoBro Cafe and while nothing blew me away, I’ll return for reasonably priced and creative, inciting veggie fare…. or the bacon and chocolate pancakes! Bacon… there’s that reason I am no longer vegetarian.
653 E. 52nd st.
Indianapolis, IN 46220

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