Locals Only Art & Music pub reemerges with an avenue-worthy tapas makeover.

Atmosphere: A large open deck complete with a cozy corner fireplace invites you inside where deep, natural tones, wood flooring and exposed brick continue the welcoming mood.

Service: A lot of this crew shimmied over from LOAMP. Everyone is so genuine and pleased to educate first-time diners, entertain the regulars and start new friendships. The service as it stands is a little slow, but hopefully that will improve after a few weeks. Dining here twice since the opening one week ago, I have witnessed a few mishaps, but every step was taken to smooth out the situation and ensure the guests were pleased.

Booze: Full bar with a specialty of flavored mojitos served by the carafe, and a great bottled beer selection.


Kale Tzatziki | kale, bell peppers, cucumber and fresh herbs in a tangy strained yogurt sauce $ 5

Adobo Battered Mushroom Skewers | crimini mushrooms with a spicy adobo batter served on a bed of kale slaw and drizzled with wasabi cilantro cream $ 6

Scallop Wonton Tulips | topped with diced mango, red onion, wasabi cilantro cream sauce, and fresh herbs $ 9

Seafood Stuffed Shrimp | jumbo shrimp stuffed with a creamy blend of crab, salmon and scallops served on a bed of wild rice with crispy spinach and drizzled with adobo butter $ 11

Sabbatical is the perfect spot to people-watch on the avenue while enjoying a couple drinks, small plates and conversation. Something about it feels like home. Attention to detail is key in the jazzy new menu; both delicate and powerful flavors are blended to create beautifully plated harmonies.

I was recently introduced to the kale world and I didn’t enjoy it the first time around, yet I was intrigued by the tzatziki. This dip was definitely worth the chance: a twist on a classic chunky cucumber sauce loaded with peppers and salty kale. The mushrooms were extremely rich, which made them a great dish to share amongst multiple people. Very tasty but a bit heavy on oil. Big chunks of mango and sharp red onion beautifully complemented the sweetness of the scallops in the wontons; however, the scallops themselves were slightly overcooked. Unlike the seafood stuffed shrimp, which were wonderfully tender and pleasantly spicy.

Kudos: They offer a lot of vegetarian and vegan options! Live blues music from Late Night Saints on the deck every Tuesday @ 9PM.

Overall: I am pleased and refreshed to see a restaurant like this open along the strip. Having sampled nearly half of the menu, I remain unable to choose a favorite. My only complaint would be the portions on a few dishes; four wontons are perfect, plenty of crostini pieces are served with dips, but receiving only three shrimp (or meatballs) makes it difficult to share amongst a couple. I try to be fair, but cutting a shrimp in half is just plain silly. Gimme gimme more shrimp! That aside, Sabbatical remains a new favorite spot of mine, as I knew it would when the restaurant was merely a vision. Gather a group of friends and head over.
921 East Broad Ripple Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220

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