Restaurant at Clifton Mill | Clifton, OH

Atmosphere: Located at the Historic Clifton Mill, the dining area is covered in old photographs and looks over the relaxing, gentle stream. The front door opens to a charming gift shop with candies and curiosities and homemade pancake mixes, while seating is in the back.

Service: We made it in with 20 minutes until close. At first the girl at the counter said, “We really should be closing… but if you want some chicken salad or soup, we can do that.” After my pleading look and exasperation of disappointment, she begrudgingly sat us and threw menus down. Once she realized we were quick and easy, her mood lightened up quite a bit and we made it worth her while tip wise, so there were no hard feelings. As a server myself, I get it, but it was four in the afternoon, not midnight.

Booze: I saw a few signs advertising beer and wine tastings… didn’t pay much more attention.


Gourmet Pancakes | two of Clifton Mill’s famous lumberjack pancakes $ 8.29

Chicken and Waffles | topped with signature sausage gravy and maple syrup $ 8.99

The food was nothing short of righteous. Hands down, best pancakes I’ve ever had. Pumpkin was the obvious choice, but year round options include buckwheat, cornmeal, and buttermilk—plain, chocolate chip, blueberry, apple cinnamon, banana walnut, or banana split all with fresh fruit. Made from scratch with their own flour and weighing at least two pounds each, they were dense with a texture more similar to bread, but fluffy and moist throughout, and crispy right around the edge. Is that even possible? They didn’t need any butter or much syrup, but I used every last morsel of the freshly whipped cream. Hands down, the best chicken and waffles I’ve ever had. Juicy pieces of awesomesauce-battered, deep-fried white meat chicken between slices of chewy Belgian waffles were slathered in thick, homemade sausage gravy. Cuss.

Kudos: If you can finish both pancakes, they’ll give you a third on the house. Jay probably could, but I was stuffed after a tenth of the plate.

Overall: My mission was to find a destination food spot and we hit the nail on the head. If you’re passing through Ohio on I-70 near Springfield, or just looking for a food adventure, it is 100% worth the stop.
75 Water St.
Clifton, OH 45316

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