Poccadio Moroccan Grill

Service: Started out on a high note with a huge sample platter and very energetic, pleasant workers. As we taste-tested, a line of eight people or so formed. With that slight dinner rush came a complete 180. Employees bickering, confusion, lack of stocked items both food and plastic ware. Train wreck! I would have walked out, but I already purchased the damn Groupon.


Kafta Plate | with saffron rice, grilled vegetables, hummus and pita $ 12

Shawarma Plate | with saffron rice, grilled vegetables, hummus and pita $ 12

Halfway decent meat, luke-warm sides, straight-up gross hummus that I couldn’t stomach, and good grilled zucchini. I had high hopes; they were shattered. Maybe it was an off day. Maybe I’ve been spoiled by my Egyptian and Moroccan friends.

Overall: Originally I thought I could give this place a second chance; possibly a sandwich would be a more promising route? After further consideration, I decided not to bother. For just $3 more, I can enjoy the same exact meal—only a larger, higher quality portion—at Canal Bistro with real silverware. [ For a sandwich, SAME price. ] I’m never in a RUSH for this type of food.

1045 Broad Ripple Ave
Indianapolis, IN 46220

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