Atmosphere: Warm, rustic and inviting, decorated with wine bottles and large wooden pizza spatulas. My only complaint is the space… in that there is none. You’re basically touching elbows with the table next to you.

Service: Always been great. The food was delivered promptly and all the employees were very nice.

Booze: Great selection of Italian wines and a couple of sun king beers.


Salad | arugula, roasted baby peppers, red onion, labneh*, house made croutons, blueberry balsamic $ 9

Starter | baked creamy fleur de la terre**, roasted corn, sun king wee mac and pickled jalapeños $ 8

Napolese Broken Yolk | margarita (fresh mozzarella, basil) and quail eggs $ 14

At Napolese, local gourmet ingredients atop hand-tossed crusts are baked in a wood-fired stone hearth to create truly artisanal pies. An open kitchen invites guests to watch as part of the experience. All of the flavors are uniquely complex and refreshing.

The seasonal salad was fantastic: sharp red onion, crisp and bitter arugula, tangy labneh all paired with the sweetness of a blueberry balsamic created a symphony for the palate. I seriously cannot emphasize enough how fresh everything tastes here. The glorified beer cheese appetizer was even more phenomenal. It was served with tasty cheese focaccia; how can you not love dipping cheese bread in more spicy, creamy cheese? Cheese. I couldn’t help but smell the bread between bites because the aroma alone was outstanding. Right as we were finishing up our appetizer, the pizza arrived. We wanted to keep it classic this time to truly test the delicate flavors of simple ingredients: real mozzarella and aromatic basil topped with quail eggs. Again, fresh fresh fresh. The crust was thin, but soft and chewy, with a hint of smokiness from the char. Absolutely delicious.

Kudos: Gluten free crust available. Very vegetarian friendly.

Overall: Since my first visit, Napolese has been among my favorite restaurants in town. I can’t in good conscience say it is the best pizza around simply because there are too many varieties to reward that title without categorizing, but this is at the top of its kind. I have tried several salads and pizzas and never once been disappointed. Quite the opposite actually, as my fondness grows deeper with each sampling. If you haven’t been here yet, make plans immediately.

*labneh | creamy Greek yogurt cheese, with a bite similar to goat cheese but milder
**fleur de la terre | mild and buttery farmstead gouda
114 E 49th St
Indianapolis, IN 46205

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    CJ Pippen August 17, 2012

    We can’t thank you enough for such high praise and gorgeous photos. Glad you are so receptive to what we’re doing over there: excellent quality, always!

  2. Reply
    Holls October 13, 2012

    o. m. g. must. try. now. your pics are amazing!

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