MacKenzie River Pizza Company

Atmosphere: Exposed brick with a number of natural woods and earthy tones are reminiscent of a contemporary cabin in the woods, complete with large trees throughout the dining area.

Service: Owner Jon sparked a conversation with me right away at the door, and the hostess was bubbly and sweet along with our genuine and attentive server. The food arrived in a timely manner so that we were neither rushed nor left twiddling our thumbs.

Booze: Speciality cocktails, decent wine and microbrew selection.


Fish Taco Skewers | three grilled, ancho rubbed cod skewers with flour tortillas and chipotle sour cream. served with honey cilantro slaw and a side of fresh pineapple salsa $ 9.50

Thai Pie | thai peanut sauce, basil chicken, mandarin oranges, scallions, red peppers, peanuts, cilantro and mozzarella $ 17

Warm Apple Cobbler | with a scoop of vanilla ice cream

MacKenzie River Pizza is a family owned, Montana-based restaurant that primarily serves a wide variety of gourmet pizzas, pastas and sandwiches.

I didn’t quite understand the skewered presentation of our appetizer and I picked away most of the large tortilla, but the flavor was definitely there. Cool, crisp pineapple salsa and red cabbage slaw complimented the zesty fish and chipotle infused sour cream. The Thai pizza was unique; loved, loved, loved the peanut sauce, crunchy red peppers and mandarin oranges, with plenty of chicken. We opted for the natural grain crust, which was ok but not phenomenal—luckily outweighed by the toppings. I would like to see this crust available in a thin style itself, simply due to my personal preference of crispier crust. For dessert, cobbler—with a perfect apple to doughiness ratio and delightfully crunchy topping—was served in a cast iron skillet at just the right temperature for some sizzle without burning the bottom (or my tongue!)

Kudos: Pizza crust options of sourdough, thin, natural grain and gluten free to please a variety of guests.

Overall: Despite the feeling of a chain restaurant, the food was pretty decent. Leaving with two boxes of leftovers and a reasonable bill, we decided a return trip would be worthwhile. (Note: didn’t take long for me to snack on a cold piece from the refrigerator… still tasty.)
4939 E 82nd St #100
Indianapolis, IN 46250

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