Jockamo Upper Crust Pizza

Service: Great. Cute lady servers with personality, tattoos and colorful hair make me happy.

Booze: Hennepin. Hennepin is sexy. Hennepin with pizza is sexier.


Breadsticks | with nacho cheese, marinara, and house special creamy parmesan $ 9.75

Heidi Hernandez | smoking goose chorizo sausage from, tomato, red onion and swiss cheese, 10” $9.50

Creole | cheesy etouffee sauce from papa roux’s, green pepper, tomato, your choice of crawfish, shrimp or authentic smoked cajun sausage from vaucresson fine foods in new orleans, and papa’s own cajun spice mix, 10” $ 9.50

Large, warm (but otherwise plain) breadsticks were served with steaming hot sauces which remained steaming hot until the very last dip. [ Refer back to cheese porn shot. That ain’t photoshop, folks. ] Favorite by far was the creamy parmesan, but the marinara—something I don’t typically reach for—was thick and spicy with big chunks of tomato, pepper, onion. Yum. The nacho cheese was garden variety packaged sauce.

With added ricotta, the heidi hernandez was pretty spectacular. Plentiful toppings on deliciously seasoned and crispy crust. Unfortunately the creole pizza did not live up to my expectations: a decadent, creamy crawfish étouffée… on pizza dough. Instead it was dry and surprisingly flavorless with overpowering green pepper. It needed more spice, more sauce and additional cheese. With ingredients from Papa Roux… this pie should be bold and inspired. While fighting over the last piece of heidi, half of the creole sat sad and undesired.

Kudos: Gluten-free crust available. Really great tunes playing, as well.

Overall: I enjoyed the food—boring creole pizza aside. I’m relieved that I made the last minute decision to order two smaller pies versus one; based on the creole alone, I wouldn’t have even considered a return visit. I’m interested to find out if the original Irvington location differs in quality.
5646 East Washington Street
Indianapolis, IN 46219

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