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Service: Great. The owner and chef, James, approached the table and chattered us up for a while toward the end of our meal, elaborating on his culinary style.

Booze: N/A.


Chicken & Waffles | four crispy, golden brown chicken wings atop a fluffy belgian waffle with two sides $ 10.99

Hickory-smoked Ribs or Tips | ribs or tips rubbed with 2J’s 12 spices and slow-smoked over hickory wood with two sides and choice of bread $ 10.49

Deciding whether the ribs were better with or without sauce was the biggest issue with the food here. Crispy fried chicken with juicy, well-seasoned meat was even better swimming in a sea of hot sauce and syrup on a pillowy waffle. The waffle itself was nothing to rave about, but still enjoyable. The greens on the other hand were fantastic! Very flavorful. For a straightforward, basic mac and cheese this recipe was alright, but I chose to fill up on uniquely satisfying bourbon creamed corn and dressing. Corn, yum. Being informed that the secret ingredient in the corn was parmesan cheese—and bourbon, obviouslyexplained a lot. I was disappointed in the actual cornbread, however; it was small and dry. I would prefer to see the hot water variety OR a big hunk of moist cake-like bread with plenty o’ warm butter and honey or preserves.

Overall: Great soul food! Unfortunately i was too stuffed for any deliciously tempting dessert like banana pudding, peach cobbler or sweet potato cheesecake… I’ll be back for that!

6916 E 30th St
Indianapolis, IN 46219

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