Good Morning Mamas

Atmosphere: Imagine Little Italy meets bed and breakfast meets 50’s diner. This place is a little too cute for its own good.

Service: Friendly. The place was pretty busy for a weekday, but our food still came out quickly.

Booze: Bloody Marys and mimosas, as you would expect, and I ordered the latter. They have a few pathetic domestic beers and a short wine list, but I would probably never want either at this particular place.


Pasta Mama | whole wheat spaghetti scrambled with eggs parmesan reggiano cheese and choice of toast $ 6.99 … with panchetta bacon $ 7.99

Swiss Bliss | panchetta bacon, mushrooms, spinach and swiss cheese drizzled with a little parsley butter, served with choice of side and toast $ 7.99

Whole Wheat Pancake | just the way it sounds… $ 1.99

Before I visit any restaurant, I read the menu. My initial thought: BREAKFAST SPAGHETTI?! As a huge believer in bacon spaghetti, I knew I had to try it with the addition of eggs. There was no way that adding eggs could go wrong.

It went. This dish was… weird and a little gross, honestly. Lacking in flavor or any pizzaz at all, I really could only swallow a few bites before asking for a doggy bag. Luckily, I didn’t have much of an appetite to begin with so half the english muffin completely sufficed. The omelette was just alright. Mamabird substituted swiss cheese for goat cheese of course. “There’s not enough cheese.” “For normal people, or for you?” As she opened it to show me, “No…” Not enough cheese. Not up to my standard of fluffiness. Anything but a ringing endorsement, it still did the job and I’ve had much worse. We are certainly egg spoiled, however; it is an ever-evolving craft of ours. As for the grits, I have never been a fan so I really have no room to speak on the subject. The unexpected star of the show was the lonely whole wheat pancake, which had me wishing I kept things simple. It’s texture was velvety smooth and the taste was sweet, not the least bit gritty the way some whole wheat goods turn out. Let’s just say I may have frightened the server a bit when she tried pre-bussing the table with one bite lingering on the plate.

Kudos: They have a beyond average selection of cheeses: goat, swiss, gruyère, smoked gouda, monetary jack, aged cheddar, and american. Cheese is very near and dear to my heart; laying my eyes that list made it flutter. Note for next time: ask for extra.

Overall: I wasn’t entirely impressed. That being said, I’ll definitely return… if only to further enjoy the adorable decor (and wheat pancakes.) Despite my adventurous dish being a flop, I appreciate the creative effort and there are more items I’d like to try: An Elvis sandwich… peanut butter and bacon with the option of adding banana, French toast made with Kahlua and cinnamon butter. The woman next to us was munching on a gorgeous chicken salad plate overflowing with fresh fruit drizzled with yogurt… yum!
1001 E 54th street
Indianapolis, IN 46220

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