George’s Neighborhood Grill

Atmosphere: Sophisticated, dimly lit interior dining with a nice covered patio in front. Although it faces a parking lot, being enclosed provides some privacy from passing cars.

Service: Friendly server and prompt food delivery during Sunday dinner with a full house including a large party.


Four Cheese Quesadilla | served with pico-salsa and sour cream $ 8.99

Mediterranean Salmon | grilled salmon topped with a refreshing cucumber sauce served over chilled Israeli couscous tossed with feta cheese, Kalamata olives, and tomatoes. dressed with a lemon vinaigrette. $ 10.99

Midwest Hand Cut Tenderloin | breaded and served with choice of side $ 8.49

George’s Neighborhood Grill is exactly what the name implies: a friendly, comfortable place to meet for lunch or wind down after work with friends or the family. They offer the usual bar and grill options like salads and sandwiches, pasta and steaks.

Bland and uninspired, the quesadilla was a disappointing start to the meal. Who knows what four boring cheeses they used? Even the salsa seemed to come from a jar and lacked any punch. My salmon dish, however, was great; an oily filet with adequate char around the edges. I typically don’t enjoy chilled pastas, but the cous-cous salad was a light and refreshing accompaniment and the cucumber sauce was delish. Jay ordered the sandwich, so I asked, “Ok, Tenderloin King, what’s the verdict?” He shrugged, “It’s decent… They grilled the bun, which makes a huge difference. It’s pretty good.” Right away I noticed the pig-to-breading ratio was high, a huge plus in my book. It wasn’t pounded to hell for the sake of a larger circumference, but thick and juicy— and well-seasoned to boot! I can only say one thing about the potato salad: I didn’t think I liked potato salad, but I wanted more.

Kudos: They offer a short list of under 700 calorie meals. Although 700 is still on the high side for one meal, it’s good to be assured that I’m not eating twice that.

Overall: It had been years since I dined here, but the food is exactly how I remembered—the kind of consistency required to build and maintain regular clientele. We could have easily spent $60-70 on fancier entrées but got out at $35 with one beer and one soft drink, so it can be tailored to fit a smaller budget. I wouldn’t drive across town, but I’ll definitely keep George’s in mind if I’m in the area when hunger calls.
6935 Lake Plaza Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46220

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