Forty Five°

Service: The service is a bit stand-offish. We tried to joke around with our server but he seemed slightly annoyed with us. What gay man doesn’t love to flirt with two drunk girls?

Booze: Full bar, extensive martini list, and they carry bulleit bourbon and rye which is one of my personal favorites.


Edamame | soy beans with kosher Salt $ 6, add: tequila blast! $ 2

Philadelphia | 8 piece smoked salmon, cream cheese and cucumber $ 7

Orange Crush | 8 piece crab, jalapeño, asparagus. topped with salmon, orange slices and spicy mayo then baked and covered with tempura crunch and plum wine sauce $ 14

Island | 8 piece tuna, asparagus tempura, jalapeño. topped with white tuna, avocado, tobiko, and eel sauce $ 13

Yes, I like crazy over-the-top Americanized sushi from gay nightclubs. SO SUE ME. Sue-shi me. Sashimi. Er… the food is good here, but I go when I want raw fish AND hooch, due to their full bar and long list of specialty cocktails. I know there is better sushi in town, I just don’t fancy sake or Japanese beer and wine gives me a headache. [ Just stay away from the “premium martinis” because there’s nothing premium about them except an increase of $5.50 in price. ] Definitely shell out the extra two bucks for some tequila and lime zing on the edamame. The Island roll was just okay, the Orange Crush was amazing — not too overwhelming despite so many ingredients — and the Philly roll was a Philly roll. Everything is decently sized. My major complaint: No tomago. I don’t know why I love those sweet little eggs so much but I do, and I’m severely disappointed when I don’t spot it on the menu.

Kudos: Half price sushi Sundays!

Overall: The atmosphere is definitely cold and plastic and strange for a Japanese restaurant, but the menu contains some modern, fusion-y dishes and it is a nightclub, so I suppose the decor comes with the territory. The prices are on par with other similar, trendy places around town — which for most folks is too high. It isn’t my all time favorite place… I’d much rather have sushi just about anywhere in Chicago [ or California… ] but it is still fresh and tasty, and again… drinks.
765 Massachusetts Ave.
Indianapolis, IN 46202

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