Diarra’s Cuisine

Service: Completely laid back and slow… don’t attempt to dine here in a hurry. After taking your order, the owner Maymuna walks back into the kitchen and prepares the meal from scratch herself. As the only diners in the restaurant we waited at least twenty minutes for our meal. Starving, we became slightly agitated during the wait— OK more like eyes bulged, short fused, ready to tear out each other’s throats. In hindsight it should have been expected because everywhere else in the world people actually take their time.

Booze: None, but she makes her own bissap and ginger drinks. They were unfortunately out of ginger, but the bissap was sweet and tasty.


Debe | marinated and grilled lamb chops served with Moroccan couscous $ 10 

Poisson Braise | grilled fresh fish with cassava root $ 10 

Fortunately for us everything was worth the torturous wait. There were a few tough bites, but overall the lamb was cooked and seasoned beautifully. Sweet caramelized onions helped sooth the spiciness of the meat just enough; I slathered my couscous with them as well. SO GOOD. Neither Jay nor myself like tilapiabut this whole grilled fish was smokey and meaty and charred to perfection. I enjoyed the cassava root more than I anticipated.

Overall: Everything on the menu is $10, lunch or dinner, excluding the appetizers— a steal for the huge portions of homestyle food you receive! Just be prepared: they run out of several menu items early in the evening, which is a sign of quality and freshness, but can be disappointing if you have your heart set on a certain dish.  And you will wait, so bring along someone who’s company you really enjoy— or order carry-out ahead of time! Bring cash.

2989 W 71st St #3
Indianapolis, IN 46268

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