Canal Bistro Mediterranean Grille

Service: No complaints, I’ve always received fast and friendly service. Not sure if the man I speak of is the owner or just the manager, but he is always there to greet his guests.

Booze: Full bar.


Pita | served with spices and oil, complementary.

House Salad | romaine lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions & house vinaigrette, included with entree.

Stuffed Dolmathes | grape leaves stuffed with rice, chick peas, tomatoes, parsley, olive oil and lemon juice $ 8

Moussaka | roasted eggplant with ground beef and onions baked wth a creamy béchamel sauce $ 15

Grilled Fresh Fish | your choice of salmon or tilapia marinated and grilled over an open fire $ 17 

I passed on the pita bread with bland olive oil—despite the appearance of delicious spices—but the salad was quite refreshing and enjoyable considering its simplicity. Flavorful and moist, but not greasy, the grape leaves were some of the best I have had in this town; unfortunately the accompanying tzatziki sauce left a lot to be desired. Not the worst, not the best. My salmon, wonderfully marinated and charred without being dry, was complemented with crisp tomato, cucumber, lemon and a lightly seasoned rice. A new dish for me, moussaka, tasted… like… meat… PIE. It was so heavy and rich and savory that between the two of us we could only finish half. The best part: yummy burnt bits of béchamel sauce.

Kudos: On certain pleasant afternoons, there is tasteful live music on the patio.

Overall: A little pricy on certain items, but I have eaten here several times without much disappointment (the fries with garlic and feta are absolutely phenomenal) and definitely will return come the warmer season.
6349 Guilford Ave.
Indianapolis, IN, 46220

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