B’s Po Boy

Service: Awesome, friendly staff that loves to chat. We’re usually about the last people to leave, but never feel rushed or ignored because of cleaning/closing duties. This visit they even turned the outside lights back on so I could photograph the sign.

Booze: Small but decent beer selection with Fountain Square, Flat 12, and LA’s Abita on draught. The sun king cans are overpriced, everything else is reasonable.


Full Po Boy | BBQ shrimp & fried shrimp $ 9 ea.

Half Po Boy | creole chicken salad $ 6

Red Beans & Rice | with andouille sausage $ 3

Sweet Potato Fries | $ 3

Beignets | five beignets served with powdered sugar and your choice of chocolate or raspberry sauce $ 3.50

B’s is part of the recent dining scene development in Fountain Square. Aside from po’ boys, they offer traditional cajun sides, a few salads, and one dessert: beignets.

YUM. Po’ boys are served on chewy, toasted baguettes shipped straight from Leidenheimer bakery in NOLA and simply topped with lettuce, tomato, mayonnaise and pickles. Although the chicken salad and BBQ shrimp had great flavor, the fried shrimp (or oysters) are so significantly better that I probably won’t venture away from them to try anything else in the future. Only one complaint: They offer an option for double shrimp or extra oysters, but the final price is pretty outrageous even for a great tasting, authentic po boy. Just a few more succulent shrimp at no extra cost would be fantastic. Thin-cut and crunchy, hot and lightly salted, the sweet potato fries were a perfect accompaniment, which I dipped in a dish of spicy remoulade. The red beans and andouille sausage—chunky, meaty sauce with a kick over perfectly cooked white rice—was also delicious. As for the beignets, I’ll quote Jay, “Fuck the po’ boys, those pastries are it. I’d be here every day if they served coffee.”

Kudos: Bocce ball courts by the nice outdoor seating area. They offer a $7.50 lunch special including a half po’ boy, side and drink, but the options are pretty limited.

Overall: A little pricy if you have a large enough appetite for the full sandwich—or two in Jay’s case—plus a side, but worth it. The bread is about as close to New Orleans as you can get here in town. Again, go with the fried shrimp or oysters!

1261 South Shelby Street
Indianapolis, IN 46203

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    faith October 1, 2012

    Great blog and your food photography is wonderful too!

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    Dillard P Alsobrooks October 4, 2012

    We will be by Saturday, October 6th after HD Kids Workshop

  3. Reply
    Armywife October 18, 2012

    Love a gal that’s not afraid to put profanities in her writings. Great photos and wonderful reviews. Very entertaining and look forward to many more of your entries.

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