Service: Food delivery was painfully slow, but our server Jess was a complete doll.

Booze: Gorgeous specialty crafted cocktails, draught beers and an extensive wine listed. Pictured above: the pendennis club and a sanctuary.


Salad | brussels sprouts, ham hock, apple, maytag blue cheese, pistachios, mustard vinaigrette $ 14 

Cheese Plate | choose 3… served with bread & various accoutrements $ 14 

Pork Belly Confit | with white bean & collard greens stew and cornbread $ 16 

{ No mere words of mankind could do this meal justice }

Kudos: Aside from everything… the fresh ingredients from local vendors; bread is baked in house.

Overall: No detail goes overlooked: from the presentation and flavor profiles of food and the drinks to the Vonnegut theme and the handcrafted wood tables and repurposed bar, even down to hand soap. New favorite restaurant. I’d stop by here everyday… if I were rich.
653 Virgina Avenue
Indianapolis, IN 46203

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