BARcelona Tapas

Atmosphere: An array of brightly colored tiles and dark wood with exposed brick and pipes.

Service: We dined around 4PM on a Thursday, taking advantage of Devour Downtown, and ordered all five courses at once; the food came so quickly that we had to ask our lovely server to dial it down a bit. I would suggest ordering one plate at a time per person and sharing until everyone is satisfied. Although our food has always arrived quite promptly, this is not supposed to be a rushed experience, but rather a place to sip pitchers of sangria and appreciate the conversation of loved ones while enjoying a lighter meal.

Booze: Pretty decent sangria by the pitcher, a few spanish inspired cocktails and a full bar.


Queso de Cabra al Horno | baked goat cheese in tomato sauce with garlic bread $ 7.50

Pincho de Maruno | pork tenderloin with curry mayonnaise $ 6.95

Coliflor | roasted cauliflower with saffron, raisins and pine nuts $ 5.25

Setas Salteadas con Amontillado | sautéed mushrooms in sweet sherry sauce $ 5.50

Solomillo con Cabrales | grilled beef tenderloin with blue cheese, spinach and a Rioja reduction sauce $ 10.50

Capirote | our own warm bread pudding with caramel sauce $ 6.25

For years we have been dining at BARcelona, and I have always really enjoyed the food. It may not qualify as completely authentic Spanish tapas, but guess what? We’re not in Spain. I could go for some bolder seasoning on a few things, but that’s not to say the flavor is lacking, just toned down. They offer some awesome vegetarian and seafood dishes. One complaint is occasionally the meat arrives dry and overcooked due to the small pieces; this trip, our server specifically warned us of the medium rare temperature on the grilled beef tenderloin, yet it came out more medium well which was disappointing. The Rioja sauce and sautéed spinach that accompanied it (and many other dishes) was fantastic, however. Definite must-haves are the baked goat cheese in tomato sauce with garlic bread and the tres leches dessert — two items we order every time. (Unfortunately the cake was not included in our 2 for $30 Devour Downtown deal… but, the piping hot bread pudding was wonderful even as it cooled. The gooey caramel sauce began to recrystallize for a delicious, sticky treat.) I hope to someday try every dish at least once. It all looks very appealing walking by, but not filling up on the garlic bread and goat cheese proves difficult time and time again.

Overall: A little pricey for the portion sizes, but obviously this isn’t a place to grab a quick, cheap bite. Great location to gather with a few close friends, where everyone can discover a favorite and share. I don’t think I need to mention my many visits in the years to come.
201 N Delaware St
Indianapolis, IN 46204

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